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7 Tips for Small Appliance Safety

If you saw my Instagram post last week, you know I had a little mishap with my rice cooker. So here we go with a list of items that will help to ensure you are being safe with your small appliances.

Read the manual for any appliance before using it. Make sure you know how the appliance works and how to turn it off if you need to.

Make sure to inspect your appliance for damage to the appliance itself or the cord. If you notice any damage, do not plug the appliance in. Either make the repairs if you are handy, take the appliance in for repair if that is cost-effective or replace accordingly.

If you are using appliances near a damp area make sure you are plugging them into a GFCI outlet specifically designed to prevent electrocution by tripping the breaker in the case of an emergency, such as the appliance being submerged in water. Do not use appliances near water without having the appropriate outlets in fact try not to use appliances near water if at all avoidable.

If an appliance keeps causing a breaker to trip, stop using the appliance, and inspect accordingly. There could be an issue with the appliance.

Do not use extension cords with appliances whenever possible. They can become tripping hazards, can lead to loose connections causing sparks and shocks, and could be knocked over causing bodily harm.

Unplug any small appliance when you are not using it.

Small appliances make our lives easier and convenient, just make sure to regularly inspect and maintain them to avoid safety issues.

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