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Make Your House Appear Canine Free

During the process of selling your home, you will be constantly hosting open houses and having potential buyers in for showings. To show your home in the very best light possible, you’ll want to keep it spotless. As most pet owners know, this can be a little difficult with your furry ball of love running around the house. Here are our top tips to help keep your home neat and tidy.

  1. Keep your pet groomed. Take your pet to a professional groomer before you list and keep regular appointments. Then, in between, brush them daily outside to keep as much unwanted shedding off your carpet and furniture as possible.

  2. Fill scratch marks. Do your best to cover up and fill any scratch marks from pet nails. Paint over marks on walls, doors, and window sills, and try using sandpaper and wood polish to buff out any on your wooden floors.

  3. Clean grout and trimming. Even if you have tile floors that are mostly resistant to pet accidents, the grout in between is not. Take time to scrub those porous areas that may hold on to stains. Additionally, deep clean your baseboards where small pet hairs love to accumulate.

  4. Cover your furniture. Although it may be a little unsightly temporarily, consider covering your couches and chairs with blankets. This will limit the amount of cleaning you will need to do before an open house or showing. Just remove the cover and give them a quick vacuum.

  5. Dispel pet odors. Try using an air purifier or odor-absorbing charcoal to remove any unwelcoming smells prior to inviting prospective buyers into your home.


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