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Winnipeg MLS® Area Map

1A Fort Rouge

1A Riverview

1AW Fort Rouge

1AW Lord Roberts

1B Crescentwood

1B Osborne Village

1BW Crescentwood

1C Armstrong's Point

1C Crescentwood

1C River Heights

1C River Heights North

1D River Heights

1D River Heights South

1E Tuxedo

1F Assiniboine Woods

1F Charleswood

1F River West Park

1G Charleswood

1H Charleswood

1H Westdale

1J East Fort Garry

1J Fort Garry

1J Wildwood

1JW West Fort Garry

1K Fort Richmond

1K University Heights

1L Waverley Heights

1M Linden Ridge

1M Linden Woods

1N Charleswood

1N South Charleswood

1P Fort Whyte

1P Whyte Ridge

1Q Grandmont Park

1Q Richmond Lakes

1Q St. Norbert

1R Bridgwater Forest

1R Bridgwater Lakes

1R South Pointe

1R Waverley West

1R Bridgwater Centre

1R Prairie Pointe

1S Fairfield Par

1S Richmond West

1W Assiniboine Landing

1W Breezy Bend

1W Headingley South

1W Marston Meadows

2A St. Boniface

2B Norwood

2B Norwood Flats

2C Bright Oaks

2C Elm Park

2C Norberry

2C Normand Park

2C Pulberry

2C River Pointe

2C St. Vital

2C Van Hull Estates

2D St. Vital

2E Meadowood

2E River Park South

2E St. Vital2F Dakota Crossing

2F River Park South

2F South Glen

2G Niakwa Park

2G Waterside Estates

2G Windsor Park

2H Niakwa Place

2H Southdale

2J Bonavista

2J Island Lakes

2J Royalwood

2K Sage Creek

2K South Land Park

2L RM of Springfield

2M Ramblewood

2M South St. Vital

2M St. Vital

3A East Kildonan

3A Elmwood

3B East Elmwood

3B East Kildonan

3B Morse Place

3C East Kildonan

3C Elmwood Park

3C Fraser's Grove

3C Glenelm

3D East Kildonan

3E Eaglemere

3E East Kildonan

3E Valley Gardens

3F North Kildonan

3G Algonquin Estates

3G Algonquin Park

3G North Kildonan

3H Algonquin Estates

3H All Season Estates

3H Oakwood Estates

3H Sun Valley

3J Harbour View South

3J Kildonan Estates

3K Crocus Meadows

3K Devonshire Park

3K Devonshire Village

3K Kildonan Meadows

3K Lakeside Meadows

3K Mission Gardens

3K Star Lite Village

3K Transcona

3L West Transcona

3M Canterbury Park

3M East Transcona

3N South Transcona

3P Birds Hill

3P East St. Paul

3P Glengarry Park

3P North Hill Park

3P Pritchard Farm

3P River East Estates

3P Silver Fox Estates

5A West Broadway

5A West End

5B Wolseley

5C Polo Park

5C Sargent Park

5C West End

5D Brooklands

5D Weston

5E Bourkevale

5E Bruce Park

5E Deer Lodge

5E St. James

5F Grace Hospital


5F Silver Heights

5F Woodhaven

5G St. Charles

5G Westwood

5H Crestview

5H Heritage Park

5J Centreport

5W Headingley North

5W Monterey Park

5W The Oaks

9A Central

9A Chinatown

9A Downtown

9A Exchange District

9A Point Douglas

9A The Forks

4A North End

4A Point Douglas

4B North End

4B Shaughnessy Heights

4C North End

4C Sinclair Park

4D Margaret Park

4D Scotia Heights

4D West Kildonan

4E Aurora at North Point

4E River Grove

4E Riverbend

4E Riverdale

4F Amber Trails

4F Garden City

4F Old Kildonan

4F Parkway Village

4G Garden City

4H Foxwarren Estates

4H Mandalay North

4H Mandalay West

4H Maple Glen

4H Maples

4H North Meadows

4H Seven Oaks Crossings

4J Tyndall Park

4K Garden Grove

4K Mandalay North

4K Mandalay West

4L Castlebury Meadows

4L Inkster Gardens

4L Meadows West

4L Meadowview4L N

orth Meadows

4L Tyndall Narrows

4L Waterford Green